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The Information Literacy & Responsible Tech Movement

Digital technologies are the most potent innovation of our times and have propelled us collectively towards the most efficient, productive, and creative we have ever been.

However, like other innovations in the past, they are also riddled with pitfalls and misuse by bad actors resulting in large-scale fallouts. Loss of privacy, data & cybersecurity breaches, misinformation, polarisation, election engineering, post-truth, teen mental health issues, frauds & scams, screen addiction, hyper targeting & behaviour manipulation and AI bias, to name a few.

While developed countries have started creating regulation to protect users’ digital rights and enhance online security, there is very little progress in this direction in India. India is also experimentation ground for powerful extractive digital businesses, making Information Literacy & Responsible Tech development a need-of-the-hour.

21st century job skill

Information literacy is a necessary and valuable skill to live and work in the coming years, given the rate at which new technologies are coming up and older job skills are becoming redundant.

Litt is a free, easy-to-attend, online information literacy project by Citizen Digital Foundation.
Companies/Institutions/Groups may even enquire to conduct a custom online/offline course by reaching out to us.
Phone/WhatsApp: 81389-51979

About Citizen Digital Foundation (CDF)

Citizen Digital Foundation is a Kerala-based registered non-profit organisation, also known as a Section 8 company, under the Indian Companies Act.

CDF's work focuses on
- empowering end users of technology with Information Literacy,
- equipping businesses to develop technologies responsibly, and
- informing government, businesses, and media on the AI and Tech governance.

We provide knowledge solutions to citizens, businesses, and government officials to increase awareness, accountability and informed action. We're among the few organisations in India that are dedicated to protecting your digital safety and rights.

Important Note:
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How your donation helps

We are committed to making tech businesses more accountable, and empowering individuals from all walks of life to use the opportunities provided by technology to their advantage, and avoid pitfalls and exploitation. 

By donating to Citizen Digital Foundation, you will be supporting our mission to provide Information Literacy to end users of digital technologies, and to our advocacy of responsible, accountable, and transparent tech development and innovation.


How donating to CDF helps you

  1. Your donation is eligible for tax exemption under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. This deduction can be claimed by any Indian taxpayer – individuals, company, firm or any other person.
  2. You can become part of the movement at various levels as per the donation tiers below.

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