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digital media awareness

Technology for human sustainability.

Unite individuals, communities, businesses and governance to keep technological progress aligned with human interests.

Make equitable and sustainable innovation aspirational.


responsible innovation

Promote safe and responsible navigation and innovation in the digital ecosystem.

We aim to equip societies to tackle issues of online safety, mis/disinformation, privacy and trust breaches, digital behaviour manipulation, and attention-harvesting, through digital & media literacy initiatives, and responsible innovation advocacy.

These initiatives would be central to promoting

among students, educators, parents, entrepreneurs, creators, developers, journalists, bureaucrats and government officials to maximise the benefits, and limit the harmful effects of digital media.


The Vision

As users and as professionals, we have always loved the media and its potential to inform, influence, connect and entertain. As the world struggles with new-age challenges that require fresh ideas, collaboration, problem-solving skills and rigour, the unintentional fallouts and intentional misuse of tech-powered media have managed to delude and divide us, devour our focus, and keep us short-sighted, angry, dissatisfied and anxious, in pursuit of narrow problem-solving.

Citizen Digital Foundation is born of our shared passion for media, and a shared concern on the adverse impacts of extractive digital media business models on individuals, communities, and democracies. We believe economics, engineering, and technology when dissociated from the zero-sum games they serve, would work constructively for human and planet sustainability goals. And we want to be part of the solution. By collaboratively fostering an environment for regenerative solutions through healthy knowledge-sharing, intersectional solutions, responsible innovation, critical questioning, and informed participation in democratic processes. In the process, meet and learn from renegades along the way, and reimagine success with everyone who chooses to walk along.

Nidhi and Vijesh

Citizen Digital Foundation

Each one of us has to develop his or her own definition of success. And when we have these specific expectations of ourselves, we’re more likely to live up to them. Ultimately, it’s not what you get, or even what you give. It’s what you become.”
Teacher, Activist, Businesswoman


nidhi citizen digital foundation

Nidhi Sudhan

Co-Founder | 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ 2024

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam

Other qualifications

Nidhi is an advocate of responsible media & technology. She has a 20-year career spanning advertising, television, radio, digital, and football in India, UAE, Greece and UK, with organisations like Stark Communications, ENIL Times of India, Channel 4 Radio Network, Dråpen i Havet, and Chelsea Football Club.

As co-founder of Citizen Digital Foundation, Nidhi drives strategy, programmes and training, and works towards influencing systems change in responsible and accountable tech design and practices, while fostering information literacy among end-users of digital technologies. Nidhi positively engages education, dialogue, and collaboration to foster regenerative solutions that address wicked techno-social challenges.

Nidhi has been listed among 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ 2024 by Women in AI Ethics, New York.

vijesh citizen digital foundation

Vijesh Ram


Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam

Other qualifications

Vijesh Ram is a social entrepreneur with a genuine passion for the idea of technology for human sustainability, aiming to raise awareness among people by mobilising technologists, executives, educators, innovators, and political leaders towards humane technology. Over two decades as marketer and entrepreneur, Vijesh’s career has spanned media marketing, strategic planning, brand activations, IT, advertising, and oil & gas in various Asian markets. He has been responsible for creating, launching, and executing strategic multi-platform marketing projects with a focus on enabling meaningful values-based human connections.

Vijesh has been part of the Times of India Group, Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd, Southern Refineries Limited, Oryx Lubes & Greases FZC, and LubeBiz. He is also a Director at Media Box Office – an advertising, marketing, and technology company with presence in India and the UAE. Vijesh oversees Operations and Compliances at CDF.

Akash SS

Content Executive

Warrior of facts, seeker of silver screens

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam

Aditi Pillai

Research and Programmes Executive

GPPPT - Grammarian & Prolific Punctilious Prose Transformer

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Malayalam


Initial Direction

Dr. Mojtaba Poorrezaei Senior Lecturer Nottingham Business School, UK

Dr. Mojtaba Poorrezaei

Principal Lecturer
Nottingham Business School, UK

Dr. Ishan Jalan Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Business School, UK

Dr. Ishan Jalan

PhD Programme Director; Course Lead
Leadership, Organisational Behaviour
Nottingham Business School, UK

mollie painter Nottingham Business School, UK

Dr. Mollie Painter

Professor; International Scholar
Business Ethics, Responsible Leadership,
Nottingham Business School, UK


g vijayaraghavan Founder CEO – Technopark, India

G Vijayaraghavan

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Founder CEO
 Technopark, India

K C Chandrasekharan Nair Start-up Mentor, Former CFO – Technopark, India

K C Chandrasekharan Nair

Start-up Mentor, Former CFO
 Technopark, India

swarup Stark Communications, India

Swarup B R

Vice Chairman & Co-founder
Stark Communications, India

Ullas Marar Technical Advisor GIZ India

Ullas Marar

ICC Centre for Entrepreneurship, India


Thomas George

Associate Director – Planning
Stark Communications, Trivandrum, India

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