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CDF AI Governance Assessment Tool

A comprehensive self-assessment tool to assess your organisation’s AI governance readiness from planning to deployment. Based on 8 global AI governance frameworks and resources.

AI recommendations by OECD

This resource outlines the OECD’s recommendations on Artificial Intelligence, adopted to promote trustworthy AI while ensuring respect for human rights and democratic values.

Google – Perspectives on issues in AI governance

This resource explores the need for governments, civil society, and AI practitioners to collaborate on developing clear guidelines for AI governance.

Germany Federal Office for Information Security – Generative AI guidelines

This resource discusses generative AI models, highlighting their potential opportunities and associated risks for both industry and authorities.

KPMG Governing AI Responsibly

This AI Governance resource highlights the transformative potential and associated risks of generative AI, emphasising the need for robust governance frameworks.

NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) Playbook

This playbook includes actions, references, and related guidance to achieve the outcomes for the four functions in the  AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF): Govern, Map, Measure, and Manage. 

NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF)

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) provides a process that integrates security, privacy, and cyber supply chain risk management activities into the system development life cycle.

AI Blindspot discovery framework

A discovery process for spotting unconscious biases and structural inequalities in AI systems.

NASSCOM Responsible AI framework  

A collection of sector-agnostic tools and guidance to enable enterprises to leverage AI to its fullest potential while also prioritising trust and safety.

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